Healthy Living Tips

What is the amount of various nutrients we should eat on a daily basis? Below is a list of the recommended amounts, but ssst!… don’t tell anyone you found it here! 🙂

Carbohydrates: 50-55% from our daily intake;

  • simple carbs no more then 10%
  • dietary fibers approximately 30g/day.

Lipids: 30-35% from our daily intake;

  • saturated fats no more then 10%,
  • “trans” fats under 2%
  • cholesterol no more then 300 mg/day.

Proteins: 15-20% from our daily intake.

Salt intake: no more then 5g/day.

Liquid intake: at least 2l/day (water, tea, soups, small amounts of coffee).

Alcohol is not something that we should drink on a daily basis; it generates 7 calories per gram without any other nutritional benefit.

Also, for healthy living, we should…

  • practice some kind of sport, around 30-60 minutes every day
  • stop smoking
  • have 3 meals/day and 2-3 healthy snacks.
  • eat
    • 6-11 cereals and cereal products servings/day
    • 3-5 vegetables servings/day
    • 2-4 fruits servings/day
    • 2-3 dairy servings/day
    • 2-3 proteins rich food servings/day (50% animal proteins and 50% vegetal proteins)
    • fat food occasionally
    • refined sugar products a few times per month.

Well… this is what we recommend!… 🙂

Read also about Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins.


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